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Vocal Therapy Wales offer a unique vocal massage therapy treatment helping people from all walks of live, from singers, musicians, actors, broadcasters, public, speakers, sportsmen and women to more generalised breathing problems such as asthma. - Go To Our Home Page

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Posture ProPosture Pro
During your first visit, we will ask you a few questions concerning any relevant aspects of your medical history which may affect what treatment techniques are used. We will also use our state of the art computerized postural evaluation software, “Posture Pro”. In fact we are probably the only vocal massage therapy centre within the United Kingdom to utilize this technology.

The benefit of this software is that it can highlight areas of compensation, dysfunction and stress within the neck, torso, ribs, diaphragm and pelvic region, all of which can cause pain but specifically, from a performer's perspective, affect our breath control and vocal quality.

Finally, before the treatment begins we will offer constructive advice with regard to potential vocal stressors such as diet, nutrition, recommended fluid intake and sitting, performing and even sleeping posture positions.

The techniques used during a vocal massage treatment are extremely conservative, and are designed to be not only beneficial in releasing restriction and tension but also as relaxing as possible to the participant.

Typically, a treatment session will involve:

Gentle Stretching:
This is performed with the aim in relaxing down tension within the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

Fascial Release:
Fascia is made up of tissue fibres, primarily collagen, that form sheets or bands beneath the skin to attach, stabilize, enclose, and separate muscles. Not only can muscles can become tight, the fascia that surrounds them can also become tight and restricted too.
The release of fascia is one of the gentlest techniques used but also one of the most effective.

Trigger Point Therapy:
Trigger Points are localised areas of extreme tightness within a muscle. This technique will greatly reduce the tension within such areas.

Extremely Gentle Massage of the Larynx and surrounding muscles:
Due to the sensitivity of the larynx, this is the gentlest technique used.

Releasing Rib Restriction/ Tension:
Massage of the spaces between the ribs, (the intercostal muscles/ nerves), and stretching exercises will increase ribcage mobility, which in turn will facilitate easier breathing. This technique is also extremely beneficial to those people who having breathing restriction.

Diaphragm Muscle Release:
The diaphragm is the primary breathing muscle and tightness will often cause overwhelming breath control problems. Gentle muscle release techniques and occasionally the use of kinesiotape will help reduce the tension within this area, especially when used in conjunction with the breathing exercises and postural advice that will be given during the treatment sessions.

Improve Jaw Function:
Massage and release techniques will allow more jaw movement and decreased tension in the surrounding muscles. Again, this is one of the more gentle techniques that is used.

Lymphatic Drainage:
This is an extremely effective treatment for performers currently suffering from throat infections or sinus problems.

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