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Vocal Therapy Wales offer a unique vocal massage therapy treatment helping people from all walks of live, from singers, musicians, actors, broadcasters, public, speakers, sportsmen and women to more generalised breathing problems such as asthma. - Go To Our Home Page

Vocal Therapy Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from recent clients, every client is unique and require therapy for many different reasons. Please have a look and see how vocal therapy have helped others.

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I am knocking on the doors of 64 years old and some 8 months ago started developing  issues with my jaw.
I sing in a choir in Cardiff and attributed my problem to some of the arrangements for the summer concert being a little high for the bass line. This may or may not have been the cause?

One morning I awoke to find I was hardly able to open my mouth. Fortunately a few of my friends are dentists and after consulting them, the advice was the same. That what ever the muscle is called for closing your jaw had on the left side only gone into a state of spasm. Not that common apparently but it does happen.

I was advised to do various jaw exercises so that eventually I was able to at least open my mouth. I continued to do this for some weeks but was unable to regain its original movement.

After a chance conversation with Chris Ross he offered to have a look at the problem.
The procedure was not at all painful and the following day I experienced some slight discomfort. But no worse than the condition had been causing me.

The improvement was immediate but not initially long lasting. I have subsequently had 4 further short treatments and each time the period between the sessions is getting longer. I guess the length of time that the muscle has been tense may require a bit of retraining.  But I am now optimistic as the results have been so positive since the treatment began.

Bob B

I met Chris whilst attending a Cardiff networking event which led to me explain what I did for a living and that I do a lot of public speaking, to both small and larger audiences within my industry.

When I told Chris that I often felt a tightness and weakness through my voice when speaking, he said that he was the man to visit. He explained what vocal therapy involves and how it benefits the individual.

When I asked why the initial consultation was longer than the follow-up sessions Chris explained that he had to understand not only what the problems were that I encountered during speaking but also to identify possible lifestyle influences that were important additional factors.

I was greatly impressed by his depth of knowledge and understanding of how the voice is affected by how we lead our daily lives. He gave me advice on my diet, why I should up my water intake and why quality of sleep and alcohol consumption also play a role. As the treatment progressed we then discussed stress relief techniques and how I should find time for exercise in order to get both fitter and healthier.

Because Chris had told me he was also a registered Chiropractor, of which I have had great results from in the past, I was looking to see how this type of treatment was different.

I found the stretching and massage techniques used on me very relaxing, not in the slightest painful and even though I had a lot of bad habits such as breathing incorrectly and standing with poor posture, his work on my jaw muscles, neck and diaphragm quickly began to bring improved results.

The sessions have benefited me greatly and I always feel well so much more prepared for speaking in the knowledge that my voice is stronger and able to cope with the rigours of my profession. Chris, I can't thank you enough…

Mike, Businessman from Bristol

The vocal therapy sessions with Chris have really changed my way of thinking how the whole of my body plays a role in allowing the voice to function. The massage and muscle release techniques and stretches that he gently introduced and the helpful advice given has meant that in just a few treatments the tension that was present throughout my ribs and diaphragm are now a distant memory and his gentle work around the neck, shoulders and larynx allows me to sing effortlessly and with more confidence than before. Definitely recommended!!

Claire, Soprano, Cardiff

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