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Vocal Therapy Wales offer a unique vocal massage therapy treatment helping people from all walks of live, from singers, musicians, actors, broadcasters, public, speakers, sportsmen and women to more generalised breathing problems such as asthma. - Go To Our Home Page
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Release Your Inner Voice

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Here at Vocal Therapy Wales we offer a unique vocal massage therapy treatment service to people from all walks of life, from singers, musicians, actors, (both professional and amateur), as well as broadcasters, public speakers, sportsmen and women, and also individuals who may have more generalised breathing problems.

We are based in Cardiff and serve not only Cardiff, but also the surrounding areas such as Brecon, Newport, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Swansea, the Vale of Glamorgan and even as far as Bristol and parts of the South West of England.

To a great many people their voice is their most precious commodity, and often their livelihood depends on it functioning to the highest level possible. If we are carrying excessive tension throughout our body it will ultimately affect the key structures that allow us to breathe, speak and sing and therefore lead to a reduction in vocal performance.

At Vocal Therapy Wales we treat each person that walks through our door as we would like to be treated - with empathy, compassion, understanding and truth. We are continually growing, learning and refining our skills so that we are able to give you the best service possible regarding one of your most precious resources - your voice.

Release Your Inner Voice >> +44(0)2921 287300 (Mob:077964 46378)

Does your voice tire too quickly when singing, performing or just in normal conversation?
Do you carry excessive tension through your neck and shoulders?
Do you suffer from jaw pain/clicking or chest and ribcage tightness?
Do you have poor posture whilst performing?

At Vocal Therapy Wales, we have specialized training and experience which can identify such problems and assist you on your road to recovery.

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